8 Reasons to Get an iPad

Can’t decide if the iPad is worth it? Given the large amount of apps that are available, there are a number of ways to enjoy using an iPad for both business and pleasure for members of your entire family.
Read books – The ability to read eBooks from publishers across multiple platforms makes the iPad one of the better eReaders on the market. Beyond books, you’ll also be able to read magazines and newspapers.

Surf the Internet – Having the accessibility of Internet combined with the portability of the iPad is one of it’s more popular uses. Maybe you’re watching football on tv and you want to get additional information on one of your favorite players. Having the iPad with you lets you do quick research online easily.
Play games – There are a number of games, both free and paid versions that are compatible with the iPad. You and your kids will love it.

View and edit photos – Being able to share your photos on the large iPad screen is a lot more fun than trying to pull up pictures on your phone. The large storage capacity means that you’ll be able to store thousands of photos if you wish and have them at your disposable wherever you take your iPad.
Watch movies and tv shows – You can watch movies and shows through Netflix as well as videos on YouTube and other online sources.
Manage your recipes – The iPad is great for storing all of your favorite recipes and getting new ones online from various cooking sites. You can also watch cooking “how to” videos to help you prepare the perfect meal.

Business and productivity – The iPad is increasingly being used for business purposes, especially for those who must conduct their business while on the move. There are a number of apps available to you run your small business more efficiently or view, edit and share documents with your business partners.
Ditch your computer altogether – Whether your into using social networks like Facebook or LinkedIn, browsing the web, shopping online or simply reading email, the iPad can do it all. Given that you can have wireless Internet access on the go, you can take your iPad with you wherever you go. We’re at the point where you don’t necessarily even need a traditional computer connected through a cable modem. Depending on what your needs are, you may decide that a tablet computer like the iPad is all you need.