Ideal Wedding Colors for Spring

Spring weddings are full of flowers like roses, tulips, daisies and peonies. Are you fond of one in particular? A great way to get inspiration for your spring wedding colors is from your favorite flowers or other spring scenery. Find a photograph of some spring scene that you really enjoy – the key is to pay close attention to detail of it. Take note of colors that aren’t obvious in a photo or setting and use them as accents for the bolder shades that stand out.

Take, for example, a sunflower. The main color that pops up in your mind is yellow, right? Well you can pair it with a soft color like ivory to make it pop, and accent it with a dark brown to pull the look together. Don’t go overboard with the brown, though! Use it as an accent colors in things like shoe colors for you and your bridesmaids or the ribbons used to tie the bouquets. Also great as an accent color for your table scapes, centerpieces and favors.

Still stumped? Here are some different spring wedding color ideas to help get you started. Pair either of these with a bright white or a soft ivory for the perfect look on your special day.
-Pink and Garden Green
-Periwinkle and Yellow
-Peach and Orange
-Hot Pink and Orange
-Fuchsia and Yellow
-Indigo and Light Pink
-Rose, Blush, and Chocolate Brown
-Ivory, Lavender, Pastel Green
– Ivory, Pink, Sage
-White, Chocolate, Pink
-Light Grey, Yellow, Teal

There are so many different things that you can choose from. Take a trip to your local park, botanical garden or flower shop and look for something that stands out to you! Browse the area for flowers that are going to be flowering at the time of your wedding. Look for things with bright, pretty colors that stand out and make sure they smell nice, as well! You can even pull your colors into the food, drinks and favors you give out for your wedding as well. Here’s another opportunity to play up your colors such as: pink lemonade, green tea, lemon drops, citrus-colored drinks, fruit punch. Embellish your ice-cubes with edible flowers such as pansies, chamomile, basil, nasturtiums, orchids. Give something with a matching flower or ribbon to help your guests remember your special day as the bright and beautiful day it is. Be creative and inventive with it!